The design-build process is one that can potentially bring great value to an owner – when done properly.  Fortunately, Cromedy Construction and its teaming partners are experienced on a variety of levels when it comes to design-build contractors.

So much of a design-build projects hinges on the expertise of the team members.  Our relationships in development, design and construction enable us to assemble a design-build team that has the right mix of skills and meets the specific requirements of each project.  Our construction professionals add value to the design process by providing input on constructability, budgeting, cost control and logistics.

When we begin construction, our team transfers their understanding of the project to the field, operating with full knowledge of the goals, technical details and key issues so that the design is executed flawlessly during construction.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Cromedy Construction building information modeling capabilities is fully integrated with our construction and maintenance services.  We utilize a streamlined process that leverages technology to share information and improve collaboration during the design, construction and operation phase for your facility.  To achieve these goals and maximize the benefits, CCC focuses on the following three key components of our BIM implementation process:

People: Cromedy Construction’s commitment to BIM is evident through our internal team from BIM lead to estimating and project management.  The BIM lead is responsible for managing the technology that supports the process.  Ongoing BIM training is also provided to our employees in order to keep CCC in step with process and technology changes as well as improve our use with BIM.

Process: by embracing the use of a single model to achieve the requirements of both design and fabrication, CCC has established a single source for project information.  To support this method, we have integrated our design coordination and spooling resources as well as adjusted our internal workflow.  The results are exceptional solutions, highly collaborative and well informed team members, fully coordinated facilities, fabrication ready models, and a streamlined workflow that produces a great deliverable.

Technology: The strategic use of technology is a critical component of CCC’s BIM strategy and implementation.  Our modeling, coordination and fabrication software is based on several Autodesk applications and we have developed many tools and standards to improve compatibility with other modeling solutions.  Leveraging a proprietary database, we are able to manage a wide array of information associated with the model and our projects.  As our clients’ needs change and technology evolves so will CCC’s BIM capabilities.